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Our Dogs


Our newest family member

Jethro is from Serbia, imported from Europe. He is a smart boy with a sturdy stance and thick coat. Jethro loves to play and is very kid friendly. He will be in our line up for breeding July 2022.



The brains

Rosie is super smart, she loves to shake hands with every body she meets. She loves to be around children and other animals. Rosie is very laid back easy going. If there is a job to do or new people to meet she is there, but usually she is found lounging on back patio.



Miss playful

Jessie is super playful and full of spunk. She loves to run and play and be around kids and other animals. She loves to play with the cows and other animals on our farm. You usually don't see jessie lounging around you find her out following kids or adventuring around the property.

Our Dogs: Our male
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